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Research Interests

Garry's interest is particularly focused on those aspects which have tended to receive less attention in the vast Battle of Britain historiography, which began to develop in late-1940, and now runs to many hundreds of books. These include the:

  • importance of Operation Sea Lion, Hitler's threatened invasion of Britain, to the Battle's settled narrative
  • propaganda war fought on both sides of the English Channel
  • relationship between intelligence and propaganda
  • intelligence war itself, focused principally on aircraft claims
  • impact of propaganda on morale, both military and civilian
  • British Air Ministry's March 1941 success in so quickly elevating the Battle to near-legendary status
  • post-war valorisation of the Battle
  • eclipsing of RAF Bomber and Coastal Command from the story of the Battle, which even by early-1941 was credited to the Few alone
  • cultural history of the Battle
  • context of the Battle and Blitz within 1940 as a whole
  • importance of the Battle to Winston Churchill's position as Prime Minister, especially during 1940 and 1941
  • Battle's heritage, and conservation of airfields and other sites

Published and forthcoming book reviews are listed in Book Reviews.